Verizon Digital Kiosk

Tap into your city

Not your average bulletin board.

People on the go want to stay connected—to their work, their home and their social networks. They also want quick access to information, whether it’s transit schedules, wayfinding, or guides to local businesses, restaurants and events.

Verizon Digital Kiosks can be an invaluable resource for residents and visitors alike. They can provide essential community information and services—including free device charging, Wi-Fi and local calling—to keep people informed, engaged and connected. 

This is one happening place.

We've created our kiosks to be community hubs that connect people to things they'll love to discover. Our apps, or "Pebbles", keep you informed and engaged.


Buy local. Eat local. Connect local. Discover where you’ll find your next favorite store, restaurant or awesome neighborhood attraction.


Plan your next hop, skip or jump. Go shows you current transit data so you can navigate the smartest route from here to there.


Say “what’s up?” to friends and family or find out for yourself. With Connect, you can make free local phone calls to your friends, connect to Wi-Fi and scroll through curated community news feed.

Kiosk features and details

How it works

Engaging content for an engaged community

The Verizon Digital Kiosk offers unified communications hubs that you can use anytime to access local services and the internet, as well as safety information and emergency assistance. Our kiosks provide an engaging experience in your city and deliver content that you’ll find interesting and useful.

  • Engage

    We’ve designed our kiosks to be user-friendly to
    provide the information you need quickly and easily.
    Large screens and an easy-to-use interface make it
    simple to deliver high-quality, engaging content that
    you’ll find useful and important to your needs.

  • Inform

    If you want to know what’s available in your city, or what events are taking place and where to find them, you can use one of our kiosks to find directions to local businesses and info on local events, plus other advertising and customized content that’s curated by your community at large. Our kiosks can also provide details about available services in your area, such as public transportation times and maps of the neighborhood.

  • Connect

    Each of our digital kiosks offers free local calling and Wi-Fi services, and they are ready for our upcoming 5G wireless technology. Now, you can use these services to connect and stay connected in the area.

  • Alert

    A safe community is a great community. With a direct line to local emergency services, our kiosk connects you to help when you need it. Our top screens, tickers and light ring are all designed to broadcast emergency alerts. Whether there’s construction, inclement weather or a citizen in need of assistance, our kiosk helps keep your community in the know.

Frequently Asked Questions

Kiosk functionality +

Do I need to pay for local calling and/or Wi-Fi service?

No. Verizon Digital Kiosk provides you with free public Wi-Fi service plus free local calls.

How do I connect to the kiosk's Wi-Fi service?

To use the Wi-Fi service, simply follow these steps:

  1. Open Wi-Fi settings on your personal device.
  2. Choose VerizonCommunityWiFi.
  3. Connect to the network.
  4. Read the User Terms, then click on “Accept & Connect.”
  5. Now you’re all set!

How do I charge my mobile phone?

Each digital kiosk comes equipped with two USB ports you can use to charge your phone. These outlets connect your device to a power source, but aren’t capable of exchanging data between your phone and the kiosk.

Can I browse the internet on a kiosk?

No, there’s no internet access available through the kiosk’s touchscreens. You can use your mobile device connecting over the kiosk’s Wi-Fi connection for internet access.

How do I make a phone call?

Phone calls can be made through the kiosk’s “Connect” pebble. A touchscreen keypad will appear and you simply enter the number you want to call.

Are kiosks ADA accessible?

Our kiosks are built to be universally accessible, and each kiosk comes with a tactile keypad with talkback capability, plus an optional headphone jack for users who are unable to reach the screen. Kiosks also allow time for transactions to be completed before timing out.

Kiosk composition +

How are the kiosks configured?

We’ve designed our kiosks specifically to meet your informational needs. That’s why we’ve worked with many industrial design engineers to develop an aesthetically pleasing, easy-to-use and user-friendly kiosk that can easily and efficiently provide you what you’re looking for.

Our kiosks feature two user engagement zones: Broadcast and Interactive. Our two upper Broadcast screens provide community information, advertising and city and emergency alerts. On the bottom, the Interactive 46-inch touch screen provides utility that’s designed to delight.

What are the dimensions for the kiosks?

Each kiosk stands 13.5 feet tall. This helps provide a broad coverage area for its high-speed Wi-Fi powered by our 4G LTE network. Plus, it enables vibrant lighting to promote public safety and the installation of 24/7, HD security cameras.

Will the kiosks’ lighting be too bright at night and interfere with the aesthetics of the neighborhood?

When we install our kiosks, we work with your community beforehand to make sure we light each kiosk appropriately for the neighborhood. In addition, outdoor lighting was designed with Dark Sky guidelines in mind; kiosk lights are pointed down and not up at the sky. Kiosk screens are designed to be brighter during the day and dimmer later on.

Privacy +

Which privacy protections apply when I use Wi-Fi?

Verizon takes customer privacy very seriously. For more details on how we protect your privacy, please visit the Verizon privacy policy at Verizon uses your data to provide the service, and Verizon does not provide your data to third parties who are not doing work on our behalf without your consent.

When you connect to Wi-Fi, we will ask you to agree to terms/conditions. We need to identify the phone (device), so it can receive a signal, but we will not ask for an email address or phone number to connect.

Explore Verizon’s Terms of Use policy for more details about your Wi-Fi service here.

What information do the interactive applications collect?

The kiosk’s user-friendly interface is designed to create a useful and engaging experience for all citizens. We collect generic usage information to understand which features are the most popular. Verizon stores the phone numbers used for texting and phone calling.

Does the USB charging port collect data?

No, USB charging ports only provide power and do not collect data from your phone.

Emergency alerts +

How do I connect to emergency services?

We built our kiosks with public safety and security in mind. That means each kiosk provides two-way communications with local police, fire and other public safety services using a one-touch emergency button. Simply press and hold the button for one second and it will call 911.

Each kiosk also includes the following features:

  • Designed and built to withstand inclement weather
  • A button with light response for two-way 911 calls
  • Two LED tickers to display urgent messages
  • Emergency alerts can take over the upper broadcast screens